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In the modern digital era, almost every online conversion begins with just a simple search. This makes sense when you know 54% of all web traffic comes from organic search. But your website has to be visible to anyone making a search query on Google or Bing and this is what Search Engine Optimization does. 

Increasing Online Visibility of Your Business

More Visibility, More Success!

It is highly likely that there are many businesses that offer the same service or product as you do. All of them are striving to be visible to users wherever they are searching for services or products you offer.

By increasing your online visibility, you become accessible to them when they are looking for you. With SEO in place, you are sure to increase your online visibility which is reflected in more traffic and more conversions!

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How Does Our Team Work?

Keyword Research

We start with what your customers are looking for online. After all, we have to know what is it that your customers want! Later we focus on creating plan and strategy as per that.

Do Onpage SEO and Content Creation.

Based on the research done in step 1, we craft on page SEO. This means setting up your website as per Google’s latest guidelines, creating a content that drives traffic and conversions.

Technical SEO and Website Audit.

Our team of developers make sure that your website is made up on solid SEO ground. Fixing crawling and other technical issues. We want to welcome Google bot in a good way.

Offpage SEO (Backlinking)

Search engines like websites that are authoritative and to achieve that, we have to make other websites talk about our website, share it and make a buzz about it. That’s what we do in Offpage SEO.

Evaluation And Improvement

We continuously evaluate what’s working and what’s not and then we move accordingly. After all, a feedback loop is necessary when it comes to growth.

Reporting and Analytics.

We use standard analytical tools to track our progress and share that with you. This makes sure you check regularly whether we are hitting KPIs or not. We make sure that we always hit the KPIs.

Our New Approach to SEO - 2021

Search algorithms are ever changing and so is search engine optimization. If you are not up to date with latest insights then you are sure to lose to search visibility. 

We continuously reframe our SEO strategies based on latest analysis so as to keep your business visibility high. Every year we reflect what worked and what didn’t and accordingly move ahead.

That’s how we approach SEO. And that’s how we approach keeping your business’ visibility high. Always!

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How Are We Different?

We have only one goal - To skyrocket your online visibility! How do we measure that? We get you more organic traffic and more organic conversions. We continuously evaluate our strategies as well as your online growth and move the needle accordingly. Search is evolving. We strive to get the fundamentals right by abiding to Google's search guidelines and then we create further growth on the top of that.

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Wait, We Have a Research Team!

We have a team that keeps a close eye on changes in search algorithms by looking at latest patents and techniques. What does this mean for your business? Well. it makes sure your business is not affected by your new online competitors! You have access to latest search insights and you know you will stay on the top of your game.

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Your Questions Answered!

It depends totally on your requirements. We consider factors such as number of keywords you want to rank for, contract period etc. before coming up with finalized cost.

Before starting out on the SEO Process, we analyse your business and website for possible search opportunities. We discuss all possible benefits with you before starting out. However, it is pretty normal that every business gets benefits out of SEO, at least this is what our 6 years of experience tell us.

SEO is a long term process. It usually takes around 2 months just to get started and next 4 months for results to show up. However, once successfully done, it continues to drive traffic and conversions without much work. Also the more time you spend with you, the more benefits you will get.

Google Ads are paid advertisements on Google search. It brings to you paid traffic while SEO brings organic traffic. The results are pretty quick with Google Ads but SEO brings results in long term and costs less than Google Ads.

We will carefully analyse your business and accordingly advise you describing all the benefits you can have with each marketing channel.

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